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Robotic Fish - Doug Coombe
Robotic Fish - Doug Coombe -


Research projects have near-term solutions for Great Lakes

Often in research, solutions are years, if not decades in the making. But researchers at Michigan State University and Wayne State University have taken their decades of experience to focus on shorter timelines with a series of near-term solutions that will help farmers, scientists in the field, and ultimately the Great Lakes as a whole.

Michigan's URC researchers working to improve Great Lakes water quality, management

Whether they’re dealing with problems already affecting the Great Lakes or trying to head off future problems, researchers at the three URC universities are eager to address the series of lakes stretching from Minnesota to the state of New York and Ontario, Canada. Read on to find out how Michigan’s URC researchers are working to improve Great Lakes water quality, management

'Robofish' probes waterways, tracks pollution

After years of development, Michigan State University scientists recently field-tested what could be the ultimate underwater, data-gathering tool: a robotic fish. Read on to learn more about how this new technology could help the Great Lakes.
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