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Idaho Based Firm Creates the World’s First 3D Printed Paper-Thin LED

Idaho based startup Rohinni, has declared using a tweet that they have 3D printed an LED lighting which is thinner than OLED. 3D printing has already cleared the way for printable metals, food concepts, and has got us very close to printing human organs. However, one untouched domain was that of energy which too now […]

Mobile Printers Just Got Lighter and More Portable

Epson has launched the world’s smallest and lightest mobile printer, WorkForce WF-100, which runs on battery and prints regular sized documents. Even in today’s digital time’s printing is a necessity for most businesses with no alternative insight. What makes the idea of installing a printer more comfortable is the innovative convenience that more and more […]

Israeli Startup Voiceitt Wins Philips Compeition

Voiceitt has been declared as the winner of Philip’s Innovation Fellows Competition in North America which will include a $60000 cash reward. The Israeli voice recognition startup, Voiceitt, has won Philips North America’s Innovation Fellows Competition. The product which entered the competition was Talkitt. According to Voiceitt the victory, which includes a $60000 reward, is […]

Mobile Payment Services Scramble with Offers for Holiday Season

Within less than 2 financial quarters since their launch, mobile payment platforms are already scrambling to provide competitive holiday season offers. While for many shoppers the final verdict on adopting mobile payment platforms is still yet to come, but for the holiday seasons it seems that this method is at least cheaper than many to […]

OLED Lighting – From Smartphones to Smarter Homes

While LED lighting has begun its spree of domination given its energy-saving properties, OLED may be emerging as the next big potent technology in energy-efficient lighting lamps. While LED lights have made it to the headlines due to their high energy efficiency in comparison to CFL bulbs, there is a fast-emerging new player in this […]

Mobile Printing for Wired Printers!

Given the rapid expansion of smartphones, it is a major industry fault smart printers did not grow at the same pace leading to a vacuum where traditional printers still exist. There is now a way to overcome this problem. Having a printer that can accept documents from a smartphone or tablet is great, but unfortunately, […]

Land Rover Announces Next-Gen Speech Recognition App

Rand Rover has made a new leap by announcing the soon to be released speech-recognition software, which can even send your tweets apart from making calls for you. The car giant, Land Rover, has announced the upcoming launch of JustDrive smartphone app that integrates multiple driving functions into a single system that will operate through […]

Will Mobile Payment Platforms Elongate Your Expense Sheets

Mobile payments offer great convenience to consumers. However being a sophisticated and handy platform, speculations suggest that this might facilitate reckless spending as well. It is a well-documented fact that when you are not paying with hard cash for your purchase, the psychological awareness related to your expenses decrease. In other words, you spend more […]

World Bank Appreciates Rwanda from Energy Efficiency

In an exceptional move, the World Bank has praised the work done by the Rwanda government on the expansion of electricity connectivity and efficiency shown by the people. The World Bank recently reported that in Rwanda which is one of the poorest countries in the world, has managed to pull up the percentage of its […]

How Telemetry Will Help Save Bucks for Vending Machine Operators

As a fresh step towards further enhancing the already smart vending machines, technology firms have come up with new concepts that on implementation could see a significant reduction in engineering expenses of operators. Smart Vend Solutions, which is a major vending equipment supply firm has stated that intelligent vending machines that use telemetry technology could […]

How mobile printing is changing the landscape of workspace

While printing has been a part of history for far longer than mobile devices, when the two met in the 21st century, it was a match made in the cloud or rather with cloud technology. This was possible because at this instance both technologies were mature enough to connect using a common platform. The demand […]

Speech recognition: The “what”, “why” and “how”

For years since the mid of last decade speech recognition technology was proving to be more of a gimmick than be of actual value to mainstream consumers. But lately, it has got much better: most modern smartphones now have a host of voice-activated features which “actually work”. Not only can programs such as Google Now […]

Apple Pay, Google Wallet and their arch enemy CurrentC

In an act of open corporate war, the consortium of firms comprising the Merchant Consumer Exchange (MCX) completed blocked Apple Pay and Google Wallet from functioning within their retail stores. This group consisted of industry giants like Wallmart, CVS and Rite Aid whose rationale for this action was that both Pay and Wallet were not […]

Energy efficiency with LED lighting

The first strive for energy efficiency left the laboratories and entered the homes of people with the mass acceptance of compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. And now it is time to take the next leap with the help of LED lighting bulbs. It has been less than a decade that CFL bulbs filled the commercial advertisement […]

Evolution: The rising intelligence of ‘vending machines’

In the 1950s, vending machines finally did not just stop at spitting our gumballs, and were able to dispense everything from candy bars to beer cans. Back then this alone was seen as an evolutionary step for the hungry man’s favorite machine. The decades which followed didn’t see much change in the loom and feel […]