How mobile printing is changing the landscape of workspace

Published Date: April 18, 2020 |

How mobile printing is changing the landscape of workspace

While printing has been a part of history for far longer than mobile devices, when the two met in the 21st century, it was a match made in the cloud or rather with cloud technology. This was possible because at this instance both technologies were mature enough to connect using a common platform.

The demand for printing, paired with the prominence of mobile devices in the workplace, made for a much-awaited convenience for consumers. Today, most prominent firms are of the opinion that printing is vital to their business and in order for printing to be efficient in this highly connected world, mobility is a necessity.

As knowledge workers shift ever-larger proportions of their work from laptops and desktops to tablets and smartphones, they typically do not print as much as before, but the vast majority still find the need to print as most jobs demand it. The very fact that not all businesses are fully digitized yet, the need for printing is still large.

We see organizations that are putting tablets in the hands of not just the Tier 1 executives but also to front line employees to increase their productivity. Many of the early adopters were IT, legal, education, and retail businesses.

When properly implemented, mobile printing enables smart mobile device users to access the existing printing infrastructure in the firm with much greater flexibility.  Doctors and lawyers increasingly appreciate the ability to do their job on the go and still have access to printing. Real estate agents are always pressed for time and a quick connection to the office printer as they walk in the door makes their job easier. Corporate executives like being able to print no matter what office they find themselves visiting on any given day.

It is an on-demand service to keep them productive, no matter where they move with their devices. The benefits to an individual practitioner or a firm not only include increased productivity but expanding the use of their existing fixed assets. Just as Wi-Fi connectivity has become a basic business need in a short period of time, printing over Wi-Fi from mobile devices is taking hold and growing rapidly within the workspace.

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