Mobile Printing for Wired Printers!

Published Date: April 22, 2020 |

Mobile Printing for Wired Printers!

Given the rapid expansion of smartphones, it is a major industry fault smart printers did not grow at the same pace leading to a vacuum where traditional printers still exist. There is now a way to overcome this problem.

Having a printer that can accept documents from a smartphone or tablet is great, but unfortunately, there are still a lot of legacy printers out there that can’t print without wires.

This is the legacy issue that firms such as ImageTech are aiming to solve with its printWiFi and printUSB devices.

It is well known that smart mobile devices cannot install printer drivers, as they are built for desktop computers. Nor are they able to physically connect to printers via wires, which means that printing while on the go can be impossible. The two devices from ImageTech give users the ability to connect to all kinds of printers, smart or not.

The first device, known as printWiFi, allows multiple smart devices to connect to a printer without any wire. The device itself connects to the printer via its USB port, and from there, the smartphone or tablet is able to connect to the printWiFi through the custom printView app.

With the printUSB, only one device can connect at a time. Like printWiFi, the device connects to the printer with a USB cable. The difference comes from the fact that the mobile device also connects to the printUSB with a wire.

Furthermore, both printUSB and printWiFi are portable, which will allow users to carry it with them to meetings and hook it up to all kinds of office printers. Of course, the problem could arise from the fact that users will need to go behind printers to get access to the USB port however given the liberty offered by this technology, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

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