OLED Lighting – From Smartphones to Smarter Homes

Published Date: April 22, 2020 |

OLED Lighting – From Smartphones to Smarter Homes

While LED lighting has begun its spree of domination given its energy-saving properties, OLED may be emerging as the next big potent technology in energy-efficient lighting lamps.

While LED lights have made it to the headlines due to their high energy efficiency in comparison to CFL bulbs, there is a fast-emerging new player in this domain with an intention to outset LED. This is OLED technology.

Till recently, OLED has been described synonymously with smartphones and rarely with smart TVs. This was primarily because even though OLED is a great electricity saver, it only comes in the shapes of squares and rectangles.

LED (light-emitting diode) lighting uses small, intensely bright sources of light, which are typically made to look like traditional light bulbs, OLED (organic light-emitting diode) lighting uses flat, dimmer sources of light, essentially resulting in a glowing square or rectangle. Steady advances in manufacturing technology have made OLEDs bright and long-lived enough to use and are now entering into mainstream lighting.

Because OLED panels are not piercingly bright, they can be mounted in fixtures seen directly by the eye; there’s no need for reflectors or diffusers to cut the glare. The approach also opens new options for lighting designs.

OLED technology is at a premium relative to LED, but there are superior lighting quality benefits. The overall design and construction of these luminaries are of better quality, reflective of the superior nature of the OLED light source.

OLED lighting has the potential to dominate many of the residential and commercial market applications. Energy efficiency and new designs can provide the impetus with OLED and LED lighting coexisting because of different advantages.

Inherent energy efficiency advantages depending upon the source are key benefits in the lighting market, but there is the potential for OLEDs to be transformational as well. OLEDs will present lighting products in a new form factor – square and rectangle, which will expand the design possibilities and change the way we set our daily ambiance.

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