Customer FAQ

How could I place My Order?

You can place your order online from the website, by email at or by phone call. Once your payment is done your order will be confirmed by us. If you have any queries or concerns about your selected product you can contact our expert team. They will help you to find your better solution.

What methods of delivery do you provide?

As our product is on information-based so we provide online delivery in PDF, EXCLE or in PPT file format. We also provide a hard copy, CD or DVD ROM for your product. And you can use it according to your purchased license type. Once your order is placed, our team will contact you via phone or email to confirm it.

What if I am not getting my requirements in the report?

If you are not getting your requirements in an available product on the website, you can contact our team at to customize your product according to your requirements. If a single market report does not fulfill your requirement you can also purchase another report to fulfill your requirement. We offer for combo pack always.

Which license type is suitable for me?

If you have any confusion about your license type, you can read our terms & condition for more detailed license information. After that, you are not getting a suitable license you can contact our team. Our team will explain which license will be suitable for you according to your requirements.

What are the payment modes you provide?

We provide multiple payment options. A user can pay directly by using payment gateways available on our website, by wire transfer, by credit card.

Paying through your website is safe?

Paying through our website is 100% safe. We use secured payment gateways PAYPAL. Which is 100% secured and PayPal accepts public certificates in OpenSSL PEM format from any established certificate authority, such as VeriSign.

Does Research Corridor need payment before dispatch order?

Yes, Research Corridor need payment before dispatching any order. Once payment received, our sales team will confirm your order via phone and email.

The question is not mentioned above, please feel free to contact us @

What is Research Corridor Cancellation Policy?

In general, Research Corridor does not accept the order cancellation once the order is placed. After the order is placed with Research Corridor, you should accept our Terms & Conditions which can be viewed after you click on the link

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