Superabsorbent Polymers Market Size, Share, Growth, Global Trends, Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2027

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The global superabsorbent polymers market size was estimated at around USD 8 billion in 2019 and projected to grow at the CAGR of 7.3% market during 2020-2027. The superabsorbent polymers are majorly used in the personal care sector as an absorbent material in baby diapers, so the growing awareness regarding personal hygiene is expected to increase the demand for superabsorbent polymers from its personal care sector. The high water-retaining capacity of superabsorbent material is instigating their demand in agriculture, medical and construction industries.

Superabsorbent polymers are used in the water conservation technique in agriculture, where it is utilized as a water-retaining agent in the soil for improving the crop yield. Growing population, increasing food security concerns along with decreasing arable land is expected to escalate the demand for superabsorbent polymers from the agriculture industry. The baby diaper is the largest application sector of superabsorbent materials, in volume terms. Polyacrylamide copolymer is anticipated to showcase the fastest growth in manufacturing superabsorbent polymers.

The market finds its largest application in the baby diapers industry. The substantial growth rate of this segment is projected to boost the demand for the overall market. The polymers which are cross-linked are called super absorbent polymers. They have the capability to preserve great quantities of liquid in comparison to their weight. Another major factor contributing to the growth of the industry includes its growing acceptance in various industries apart from hygiene and personal care.

Market Segment Insights:

The global superabsorbent polymers market was majorly dominated by the baby diapers application. This segment held over 70% of the total market share in 2019. The huge market share of the baby diapers segment can be attributed to its ever-growing demand in the developing nations. However, the agricultural segment of the superabsorbent polymers is expected to witness the maximum rate of growth, at an anticipated CAGR of over 6.0%, from 2020 to 2027. They are utilized in the regions having water scarcity for retaining water. These polymers enhance the efficiency of water usage, develop better properties of soil, and increases the crop yield, which is expected to fuel the demand in the agricultural segment in the future.

Global Superabsorbent Polymers Market Segmentation:

By Product, 2018–2027 ($ Millon)

  • Sodium Polyacrylate
  • Polyacrylamide Copolymers
  • Others (Ethylene Maleic Anhydride, Polyvinyl Alcohol Copolymers, etc.)

By Application, 2018–2027 ($ Millon)

  • General Application
    • Baby Diapers
    • Feminine Hygiene Products
    • Adult Incontinence Products
  • Medical Application
  • Others (Agriculture, Artificial Snow, Water treatment, etc.)

By Geography, 2018-2027 ($ Millon)

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America (LATAM)
  • Middle East and Africa (MEA)

Regional Insights:

North America is the leading region in the global superabsorbent polymer market, followed by Europe and APAC. The Asia Pacific is the fastest-growing region for the superabsorbent polymer market, with China as the major shareholder. Increasing disposable income in China and India improved living standards along with would increase the expenditure of the residents on personal hygiene products which would accelerate the demand for superabsorbent polymers in the region.

Market Competition Assessment:

The major players currently operating in the global superabsorbent polymer market include BASF SE, Evonik Industries, Formosa Plastics Co., LG Chem Ltd, Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd., SDP Global Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Seika Chemical Co., Ltd., and Others.

List of Key Companies:

  • Evonik Industries
  • Formosa Plastics Co.
  • LG Chem Ltd
  • Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd.
  • SDP Global Co., Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Seika Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • Others

Key Questions Answered by Superabsorbent Polymers Market Report

  • Global superabsorbent polymers market forecasts from 2020-2027
  • Regional superabsorbent polymers market forecasts from 2020-2027 covering Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America
  • Country level forecasts from 2020-2027 covering 15 major countries from aforementioned regions
  • Superabsorbent Polymers submarket forecasts from 2020-2027 covering submarket 1, submarket 2 submarket 3
  • Various industry models such as SWOT analysis, Pestle Analysis, Porter’s Five Force model, Value Chain Analysis pertaining to superabsorbent polymers market
  • Analysis of the key factors driving and restraining the growth of the global, regional and country level superabsorbent polymers markets from 2020-2027
  • Competitive Landscape and market positioning of top 10 players operating in the superabsorbent polymers market

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Table of Content:

Chapter 1 Preface

1.1 Report Description
1.1.1 Purpose of the Report
1.1.2 Target Audience
1.1.3 USP and Key Offerings
1.2 Research Scope
1.3 Research Methodology
1.3.1 Phase I – Secondary Research
1.3.2 Phase II – Primary Research
1.3.3 Phase III – Expert Panel Review
1.3.4 Assumptions

Chapter 2 Executive Summary

2.1 Superabsorbent Polymers Market Portraiture
2.2 Global Superabsorbent Polymers Market, by Product, 2019 ($ Million)
2.3 Global Superabsorbent Polymers Market, by Application, 2019 ($ Million)
2.4 Global Superabsorbent Polymers Market, by Geography, 2019 (Value %)

Chapter 3 Global Superabsorbent Polymers Market Analysis

3.1 Global Superabsorbent Polymers Market Overview
3.2 Prevalence of Superabsorbent Polymers
3.3 Market Dynamics
3.3.1 Market Drivers Increasing awareness regarding personal hygiene
3.3.2 Challenges Imbalance in demand and supply of raw
3.3.3 Opportunities
3.4 Attractive Investment Proposition
3.5 Competitive Analysis: Global Superabsorbent Polymers Market, 2019 (Value %)

Chapter 4 Global Superabsorbent Polymers Market Analysis, by Product, 2018-2027 ($ Million)

4.1 Preface
4.2 Sodium Polyacrylate
4.3 Polyacrylamide Copolymers
4.4 Others (Ethylene maleic anhydride, polyvinyl alcohol copolymers, etc.)

Chapter 5 Global Superabsorbent Polymers Market Analysis, by Application, 2018-2027 ($ Million)

5.1 Preface
5.1 General Application
5.1.1 Baby Diapers
5.1.2 Feminine Hygiene Products
5.1.3 Adult Incontinence Products
5.2 Medical Application
5.2.1 Traditional Wound Care
5.2.2 Advanced Wound Care
5.2.3 Others
5.3 Others (Agriculture, Artificial Snow, Water treatment, etc.)

Chapter 6 Global Superabsorbent Polymers Market Analysis, by Geography, 2018-2027 ($ Million)

6.1 Preface
6.1 North America (U.S. & Canada)
6.2 Europe (U.K., Germany & Rest of Europe)
6.3 Asia Pacific (China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Rest of APAC)
6.4 Latin America (Mexico, Brazil and Rest of LATAM)
6.6 Middle East and Africa

Chapter 7 Company Profiles

7.2 Evonik Industries
7.3 Formosa Plastics Co.
7.4 LG Chem Ltd
7.5 Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd.
7.6 Others
7.7 SDP Global Co., Ltd.
7.8 Sumitomo Seika Chemical Co., Ltd.

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